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Paranormal Award Winners USA 2014


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SKPI are also Spiritual Healers, we offer individual or group sessions. We also offer Hosted Evening sessions.


Award Winners in the USA 2014 Paranormal Awards


Five Times Paranormal Awards Official Nominees 2014


Scoot Headline Award Winners 2014


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Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators: "Caring for souls Past and Present"

Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators (SKPI) are a professional team of dedicated paranormal investigators.

Unlike many "Ghost Hunters", we treat spirit with respect and dignity. In honesty, we do not like the term "Ghost Hunters" as we firmly believe spirits are not there to be hunted, but to be understood

Each case is individual, that is, every spirit was once a living soul and as such should be treated the same way, with compassion and understanding.

We specialise in assisting clients who may have spirit activity in their home or workplace, we also conduct spiritual house cleansing and have case histories to confirm how effective this can be.

Recently featured on "Mystic Moon Cafe", Blog Talk Radio in the USA

SKPI are an award winning team and are the first Paranormal Team in England to have won a business award

Paranormal Award Nominations 2014

Internet Show of the Year

Team of the Year

EVP of the Year

Humanity Award

Investiga-tor of the Year

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded 1st Place Runner-up award in the 2014 Paranormal Awards - "Internet Show of the Year"

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