Norwich Norfolk Paranormal Investigators Team SKPI
Norwich Norfolk Paranormal Investigators Team SKPI

About us - Meet the Team

SKPI are a professional team of paranormal investigators. We are fully insured and have references available. We are reliable, friendly and discreet.


We have a Facebook group that has over 1500 members and a YouTube channel with over 150 films of our investigations. We produce films from most locations and these may be viewed in 28 countries.


The SKPI Team




Co-Founder of SKPI - Investigator Technical Manager - Healer 


John has over 25 years experience of working with spirit. Initially training under a leading medium (Ruby Fowles), he spent a number of years working behind the scenes.


Realising that there were a number of "popular" television shows that were glory hunters and provokers of spirit, John & Josie decided that it was time to launch SKPI to share our experiences and to help spirit as well as people who may be suffering from spiritual activity.



Co-Founder of SKPI - Spirit Communicator Paranormal Investigator - Healer


Josie has over 25 years experience working with spirit, she is a communicator and has developed naturally. Josie is not a lover of titles and feels that she was chosen by spirit to be able to communicate. She has a number of guides who assist her whilst we are on and off location.



Spirit Communicator - Lead Paranormal Investigator - Healer


Jackie joined the team in 2013, she brings with her a wealth of experience, a background in Reiki and great communication skills. Jackie's role within the team has grown in many ways. As a healer, Jackie works alongside Josie and John on our healing evenings. Jackie works closely with her guides and is the third side of our spiritual triangle.



Paranormal Investigator


Emma joined SKPI as a student. Working under Josie, she developed her skills and now works with us as a Paranormal Investigator.



  Promotions & Events Manager

  Paranormal Investigator


  Louise joined SKPI in 2015 and is our promotions & events manager. Louise works extremely hard for us and is a highly valued team member. She keeps people updated on forthcoming locations and assists in event planning. She is also the great-great niece of Harry Price.

  Dan Stacey




 Dan first met SKPI when he joined us  

 on location at an RAF base in 2015.

Since then he has attended a number of locations and towards the end of 2016 was invited to join the team as a cameraman.



Trainee Paranormal Investigator


Hayley joined the team in 2016 and is currently training under Josie. She has attended numerous locations and had a number of  "paranormal" experiences whilst investigating.

                  Behind The Scenes

SKPI have great support from our admin team and a warm welcome is always there for our members.


This is the area we cover

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Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators



Phone: 01953 857314

Phone: 01953 455529

Mobile: 07932 799250






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What's new?

SKPI Launch a Range of Merchandise & Gifts


Our Films May Now be Viewed on Our Second Website - Paranormal Films UK


The Team Moves Forward as Martin Brooker joins SKPI as  Cameraman


Dan Stacey joins us as cameraman


SKPI interviewed on Spanish radio


SKPI Featured on BBC Three


Hayley Horner joins us as trainee investigator


SKPI Team up with Canadian Television / TV Producers

SKPI Team UP With Menorcan Team GIPAMe To Investigate Interesting & Historic Locations.


The Great Great Niece of the one and only Harry Price is now working for SKPI in the role of Locations & Promotions Manager


Award Winners "Paranormal Picture Of The Year 2015"


Six Nominations for the 2015 Paranormal Awards in the USA


Award Winners in the USA 2014 Paranormal Awards


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