<img src="TrishHouse.jpg" alt="Spiritual House Cleaning Norfolk">
<img src="TrishHouse.jpg" alt="Spiritual House Cleaning Norfolk">

Case Study - Trish

We received a call from Trish regarding spiritual activity in her family home.


There had been black shadows and mists, a spirit figure had also been seen. The family dog had been thrown down the stairs. The family could not sleep in thier bedrooms and had been sleeping in the lounge for a long time.


Trish visited our Sanctuary for an interview and it was decided immediately that SKPI would take on the case as it was now quite desperate.


Trish kindly gave us permission to film the clearance of her home



The Follow Up

We kept in contact with Trish after the clearance.


Over the coming days the house had settled down and the family were sleeping in thier beds again. After a week the house and family were back to normal again.




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What's new?

Josie interviewed by "The Times" newspaper.


Our new SLS camera is going through some tests and all is looking good so far


"PORTAL - X" SKPI have introduced a new device. Designed and built by John using top quality equipment, out new Portal is sure to be a great addition to our range of equipment.


SKPI visit Menorca again in 2018


One of our Clips is to Feature on a Forthcoming Production in the USA.


SKPI Launch a Range of Merchandise & Gifts


Our Films May Now be Viewed on Our Second Website - Paranormal Films UK


SKPI Featured on BBC Three


SKPI Team UP With Menorcan Paranormal Investigators To Investigate Interesting & Historic Locations in Spain.


The Great Great Niece of the one and only Harry Price is now working for SKPI in the role of Locations & Promotions Manager


Award Winners "Paranormal Picture Of The Year 2015"


Six Nominations for the 2015 Paranormal Awards in the USA


Award Winners in the USA 2014 Paranormal Awards


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