<img src="EVPRecorder.jpg" alt="EVP's Explained">
<img src="EVPRecorder.jpg" alt="EVP's Explained">

Recording EVP's

EVP's - or Electronic Voice Phenomena may be captured using any form of recorder, from a mobile phone, tape or digital voice recorder. We started with a basic tape recorder and progressed to a selection of office and studio digital recorders. The cost can be as low as £20 and as high as you can afford, but a good second hand recorder such as a Philips "Voice Tracer" would not cost a fortune.


We would sugest that you purchase a recorder that will enable uploading to your computer for editing purposes if you intend to upload your findings to the internet. A brief word about editing, do not enhance any recordings you capture as this may well corrupt the quality and could be deemed as a "fake" in the eyes (or ears) of a professioal. There are several audio programs on the internet, many are free to download, we use http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ and find this software straightforward to edit recordings ready to process for uploading. 


There are many groups that upload recordings that are inaudible and suggestions are made as to what the "so called" sound may be, this in our opinion is not helpful and would not be classified as a "Class A" recording. This classification represents a recording that is as clear and understandable, not some electronic enhanced guess!


Some recorders are far too sensitive to use when mobile and may result in recording lots of sounds from simply being carried around or by being extremely sensitive to the slighest breeze. We always mount our more sensitive recorders on a tripod, or at the very least, stand on a table or something solid. The less sensitive recorders are better suited to being carried around with you (from our experience).


The fact about EVP's is you never know when you may record them, so experimantation can be fun, but the quieter the environment, the better chance you have of capturing a "Class A".


We often leave a recorder running while we are asleep, or out of the house and have several very interesting results. 


When on location, we always try to limit the number of people we invite, so as to reduce noise polution. When we call out, we try to leave a number of seconds to allow spirit to answer. We have some fantastic evidence from a number of our investigations and you can hear the answers we have received quite clearly. Occasionally they can be distorted, this is not a fault of the recorder, it can be spirit struggling to speak as this is not easy for them, or somebody could have spoken, moved or coughed at the same time.


Always make sure you have good power in your batteries, be patient and take time to review your recordings, try using more than one recorder where possible. Some recorders seem to work better than others, but in general, a good brand of recorder should serve you well.


As always, we cannot stress the importance of being protected when working with spirit, so, be safe, enjoy your experience and be respectful.


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