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<img src="JosieLewin.jpg" alt="Josie Lewin Co-Founder The Sanctuary Norfolk Healing Centre"> Josie Lewin Co-Founder The Sanctuary, SKPI and Sanctuary Crafts



Spirit Communicator - Healer - Spiritual Teacher & Artist


Josie has Over 35 Years Experience Working With Spirit, she is a Communicator who has Developed Naturally. Josie is not the Kind of Person to Brandish a Title on Herself, she Feels That she was Chosen by Spirit to be Able to Communicate With Higher Beings and to Help Those Brought Before her. She has a Number of Guides who Assist her With her Work and Indeed her Life. Josie is the Front Person in the Sanctuary, her Work Involves Healing, Life Counselling and Spiritual Advice. 

<img src="JohnLewin.jpg" alt="John Lewin The Sanctuary Norfolk Healing Centre"> John Lewin Co-Founder of The Sanctuary, SKPI and Sanctuary Crafts




Psychic Communicator - Cartomancer - Numerologist - Healer & Artist


John has over 35 years experience of working with spirit. Initially training With Ruby Fowles who was a Leading Medium of her Time and a Regular Guest of LBC Radio Amongst Others. He Spent a Number of Years Working Behind the Scenes and Found his Connection With Spirit Growing Throughout the Years. John is a Psychic Consultant by Means of Cartomancy and Works With His Guides to Provide his Clients With a Deeper Understanding of Situations & Life Paths. He is Also a Rune Reader, Numerologist, Spiritual Healer and Artist.



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