<img src=SKPI Team.jpg" alt="Paranormal Team From Norfolk ">
<img src=SKPI Team.jpg" alt="Paranormal Team From Norfolk ">

About us - Meet the Team

SKPI are a professional team of paranormal investigators. We are fully insured and have references available. We are reliable, friendly and discreet.


We have a Facebook group that has over 1600 members and a YouTube channel with over 200 films of our investigations. 


The SKPI Team

<img src="JohnLewin.jpg" alt="John Lewin Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators"> John Lewin Co-Founder of Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators




Co-Founder of SKPI - Investigator Cameraman - Promotions - Technical Manager & Healer 


John has over 30 years experience of working with spirit. Initially training under a leading medium (Ruby Fowles), he spent a number of years working behind the scenes. John is responsible for the Technical side of SKPI and also makes all of our films. John also developed and manages our websites.


Realising that there were a number of "popular" television shows that were glory hunters and provokers of spirit, John & Josie decided that it was time to launch SKPI to share our experiences and to help spirit as well as people who may be suffering from spiritual activity.

<img src="JosieLewin.jpg" alt="Josie Lewin Co-Founder Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators"> Josie Lewin Co-Founder of Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators



Co-Founder of SKPI - Spirit Communicator Lead Paranormal Investigator - Healer - Spiritual Teacher


Josie has over 30 years experience working with spirit, she is a communicator and has developed naturally. Josie is not a lover of titles and feels that she was chosen by spirit to be able to communicate. She has a number of guides who assist her whilst we are on and off location. Josie also works in the Sanctuary as a Healer, Life Counsellor and Spiritual Advisor. 


We No Longer Take calls Regarding Paranormal Activity


Please  Email any Enquiries


Please use our contact form to get in touch

What's new?

SANCTUARY CRAFTS launch a range of gifts


BLOG Page launched May 2019


YouTube Feedback Added


Coming Soon - Psychic Card Readings


2019 starts with some fantastic locations and equally incredible results.


Josie interviewed by "The Times" newspaper.


"PORTAL - X" SKPI have introduced a new device. Designed and built by John using top quality equipment, our new Portal is  a great addition to our range of Spirit Communication Equipment.


SKPI visit Menorca again in 2018


One of our Clips is to Feature on a Forthcoming Production in the USA.


SKPI Launch a Range of Merchandise & Gifts


SKPI Featured on BBC Three


SKPI Team UP With Menorcan Paranormal Investigators To Investigate Interesting & Historic Locations in Spain.


Award Winners in the Paranormal Awards USA 2014 and 2016


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