Introducing Dodie Hamilton

In our life we may encounter Angels. Dodie is a treasured and very dear friend of John & Josie and for personal reasons she is our Earth Angel. It gives us great pleasure to introduce our dear friend and gifted writer who has written some thought provoking works that focus on never ending love, through this life and the next.

Dodies Latest Book "Reluctant Angels"




His Name Wasn't Cain, but Then Maybe it Should Have Been, for he Told a lie That Ruined Many Lives, Including his own and all but Killed his Best Friend. A lie so Dark and Terrible That Even a Becoming  Angel Could not Ease the Pain.



Dodie Hamilton

Anyone who knows me and reads my books knows that I am passing on a Message and that is that Love Never Dies. It cannot die. It continues beyond Life and Death.  All my life my passion has been for what Lies Beyond, in particular Journeys Out-of-Body and the Near Death Experience.

Memories cling to the walls of a house, they abide, until like our lives they are resolved in Light.

Having survived the latter some years ago I learned to Travel and in so doing I now try to pass on what I have learned. My books are about people and partnerships, and love and sex, and living and dying. They are human. We are human, it is our chosen construct this time around. However we are so much more. We are multiples of people, we are Spirit with a body, Not a body with a spirit. That is why a man like Gabriel Templar, in A Second Chance, can appear to be in two places at the same time, in an old Mill in Virginia and hundreds of miles behind the 38th parallel in Korea. And it’s why Sophie Hunter in Perfidia can pull on sweats and sneakers and go for her evening run with her lover, Jake, she is in England, and he in Vietnam. It’s why an Angel can walk as  a man  among men as in The Light House Keepers, and it’s why in Fragile Blossoms 19th Century anger and pain can linger in broken pieces of Meissen china. 

I wish you well to read my books. I have loved writing them.


Love and Blessings to all who look on this page.



Dodie Hamilton.

The Spiritual Midwife.

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