<img src=Ghosts.jpg" alt="Paranormal Events Norfolk">
<img src=Ghosts.jpg" alt="Paranormal Events Norfolk">

Paranormal Events Around Norfolk

SKPI Hold Regular Paranormal Events Within 50 miles of Norfolk

Come and Join the Team on Investigation

We take Members of the Public to Great Locations

We also hold Corporate Evenings for that "Something to Remember" evening.

What do you get

* An interesting Location

* A friendly team

* Use of equipment

* Open discussions

* Free refreshments on breaks on most locations

A Review by David B


"I used to watch Most Haunted, but found the show went downhill over the years and became very scripted and fake, so haven't watched anything since. It's the real thing for me these days and SKPI are certainly providing the results I want"


"Why the TV cameras haven't clocked onto SKPI is beyond me!"

Terms and Conditions for ALL public Investigations


The minimum age of people attending a public investigation is 18 unless accompanied by a responsible parent. At no time will we tolerate rudeness, bad language or disrespect to spirit or anyone on location. You may be invited to "call out" to spirit, but at no time will you undertake this yourself.


A non-refundable deposit will always be required as we have to book your place. There is no refund available if you cancel, but if the event is cancelled by SKPI or the venue owners, you will be refunded.. Then 4 weeks before the investigation the full payment will be required which is non-refundable unless SKPI or venue owner cancels. We are unable to transfer your deposit to another location.


You will be asked to complete a waiver for photographic and insurance requirements




Any evidence of alcohol, substance or drug use before or during the investigation will result in you being asked to leave the location. This also applies to anyone who is found to be falsifying spirit contact or cheating as this ruins other peoples experience.

Client Feedback

A review By Steve Price

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Josie, John and their colleagues for extending such a warm welcome to me on Saturday.

It was the first time I had taken the step to satisfy my curiosity, which I am sure many share, into the question of "what really happens after we die"

I admit to a certain trepidation and doubts as to whether or not, attending an investigation into the paranormal would provide any definative answers beforehand, and indeed, whether or not I should be meddling about into such things at all !

My fears were quickly allayed by the obvious professionalism, knowledge and expertise that SKPI have in this field. I immediately and throughout the whole evening felt reassured that I was in the capable hands of true and genuine experts.

So, if like me you have evan a mild curiosity into "what lies beyond", I whole-heartedly recommend going on an investigation with them, regardless of whether or not you have a personal spirit contact. You will surely and perhaps more importantly, safely and thoroughly enjoy the experience !

Well done SKPI for providing the "Paranormal" with the surety that my safety, well-being, enlightenment and enjoyment of the evening was "PARAMOUNT"

In a world where life is so far placed and hectic, I often find that people only tend to write reviews or comment when things are bad and that it is rare that people take the time to write to say thank you when things are good. Well, to buck the trend I just wanted to convey our thanks for the night spent at the military museum with SKPI.


It was not our first paranormal investigation, but the first with yourselves and we were made to feel instantly welcome and part of "the group".


I confessed to being a "skeptic" and this was embraced and understood which I found re-assuring and gave me the confidence to try to be as open as possible and become part of the investigation.



The night was full of variation, great moments of fun, as well as a serious investigation and the knowledge of the military and the base they had was very impressive.


All in all, a really good night full of surprises and all done with a great sesnse of humour and closeness within the group.


Can't wait to go again.


Skeptical Dave

I really like the way SKPI operate their investigations.


What you see is what you get, they don't make things up and debunk as much as possible.


They also have a lot more respect for spirit than any other teams I have seen and that's why I'd recommend them.


You know things for certain on an SKPI investigation. If something spooky happens, 1. It's real, 2. You are safe and 3. SKPI ensures spirit is safe too!


Kim H

Contact us for further information and available dates

Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators



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Mobile: 07932 799250







Or use our contact form.

What's new?

BLOG Page launched May 2019


YouTube Feedback Added


Coming Soon - Psychic Card Readings


2019 starts with some fantastic locations and equally incredible results.


Josie interviewed by "The Times" newspaper.


"PORTAL - X" SKPI have introduced a new device. Designed and built by John using top quality equipment, out new Portal is sure to be a great addition to our range of equipment.


SKPI visit Menorca again in 2018


One of our Clips is to Feature on a Forthcoming Production in the USA.


SKPI Launch a Range of Merchandise & Gifts


Our Films May Now be Viewed on Our Second Website - Paranormal Films UK


SKPI Featured on BBC Three


SKPI Team UP With Menorcan Paranormal Investigators To Investigate Interesting & Historic Locations in Spain.


Award Winners in the Paranormal Awards USA 2014 and 2016


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