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Reviews & Interviews

We have pleasure to present a small selection of our reviews and interviews

"Create a Positive Outlook on Life" - A Review From Mark H


Hi All,


After my first appointment at the sanctuary I wanted to share my wonderful experience with you all - in particular to the people who have had a hard time recently or in the past, as the sanctuary REALLY can help in a lot of different ways.


When I arrived I was greeted by Josie, the sanctuary felt very warm, welcoming and relaxing, The light was subdued, there were candles lit and I immediately felt relaxed.


Josie is a very kind lady and I felt that I could tell her absolutely anything and in return she and her spirit guide "Norman" would advise and guide me in the right direction, which they did. I was shown different things I could do (and have done since) to enrich my life and create a positive outlook.


After a lengthy chat, Josie conducted a relaxing meditation which was simply amazing!


So, if you feel down, depressed or have generally lost a positive outlook on life, it's well worth a visit to the sanctuary with Josie.


To all the men out there who have thought about going, GO, it will change your whole outlook on life and will teach you to put the past exactly where it belongs... In The Past!

"Beyond Mind Blowing"  -  By Katy F


Aplogies for the delay in writing this review, but it has taken me a little while to come to terms with the reality I faced. 


I have suffered with depression, long term PTSD and recently, post natal depression. This was my second visit to the sanctuary and it has been beyond mind blowing!


Up until now I have never quite known my purpose or reason, but after being guided and given a chance, I now realise what it's all been about.


Anyway, what I'm trying to say is this, whenever you find yourself lost, look deeper within where I guarantee you will find strength, which up to that point, you never knew you had.


Thank you Josie & John for making this possible and for giving me the ability and strength to fulfill my dreams.

"Truly Amazing Place" by Dan S 


"I had yet another amazing sitting at the sanctuary yesterday, capped off by learning more about my guides. A little more than Josie planned on letting on I think!! Truly amazing place, if you havent visited - You MUST!"

"Another Lovely Sitting" - A Review Received From Lauren

I decided to take on these sessions after I attended a location with SKPI.


I knew there was a reason deep inside me that I had to go to "The Sanctuary".  I was stuck in my path of life and unsure of where or what my life path was. I needed help and guidance as I started to lose all hope and belief in myself.  I believe I was guided here! and now I am receiving help from Josie and my guide  "Te-Lu". 


This woman truly is amazing, she has helped me see things in life clearly and I'm able to see myself growing and progressing in a number of ways.


Honestly, words can not comprehend, but Josie helped me save myself and I'm on a very long journey on my life path. I feel positive and content and assured that there's a much happier and peaceful life out there. I've learnt I'm a fighter and not a quitter .... the key is to find peace within yourself first.

A Review From Kirsty 


I had a lovely experience today at the sanctuary. I feel like it really helped me on my way to getting closer to my spiritual path. Josie was a great help with this and very understanding.

A Review on "The Sanctuary" From Ali Bruce


I have been to this wondrous place twice before and today brought my daughter also. I always get very emotional from the moment I start talking to Josie and Norman, they are very special and always know exactly what I'm here for and give me the answers I seek. There are no words good enough to explain how amazing both Josie and Norman are, they have enhanced my life in so many ways. To highly recommend anyone to go along for a visit isn't enough, its a must. Your life will most definitely change for the better. Its a magical place it truly is, and truly amazing what they both know about your inner self already.
Thank you Josie and Norman xxxxx

Review From Kerrie Bruce - The Sanctuary


Well, where do I begin?


I knew I was coming here today and I know I needed to. Josie you are an inspiration and both you and Norman fascinate me. I was shocked you knew the information already and this journey I have begun intrigues me and I am so looking forward to learning more. I feel enlightened and feel a weight has been lifted. The samctuary is a special place and I am so happy to be a part of it today and many more times from now on. It is a wonderful experience and I wish more people were connected on their spiritual path. It's a whole new world and one that I am thankful for and wish to embrace with every part of me. Everything you said was spot on. Amazing Josie Lewin, The Santuary is a beautiful, welcoming, relaxing retreat. I can't wait to come again - Thank you so much.

Review for Norfolk Healing Sanctuary - 5 stars.


Lisa & Sadie's Review


I took my 11 year old daughter to see the lovely Josie on 17/02/2017 as she has been very down lately, no self confidence and problems with settling into high school. All I can say is WOW, the child that walked into Josie's sanctuary was definitely not the child that walked back out. Whist waiting for my daughter I was kept very entertained with a coffee and an amazing conversation with John (Josie's hubby). After spending an hour with Josie my daughter walked into the room and I can honestly say she looked different, there was a happy glowing little face, which I have not seen for a long time. She looked as though the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders and she was back to my happy, confident, funny little girl again. On the journey home instead if having her head phones in listening to music as she normally does, she couldn't stop talking about Josie and what they had laughed and talked about. She showed me all her presents Josie gave her which all had their own meaning and healing power and told me all about the strategy's Josie had given her to cope with her daily Woe's. My daughter is still floating on air as i have been calling it and cannot thank Josie enough for what she has done for my daughter. There is no amount of money I would not give for the happiness of my children so the amount charged for this session is such a small amount compared to what I would of paid for another service such as child physiologist which I knew could do nothing to help. Josie you are an angel in disguise and truly wonderful lady and I really cannot thank you enough. Sadie can't wait to see you again as she loved her session with you so much. So again just thanking you from the bottom of my heart xxxx Lisa Hearn


What I thought of my time being with you at Sanctuary was absolutely amazing. You made me feel very happy, relaxed and calm. As my mum has probably said; she has never seen me so joyful and saw a major difference in my expression and tone. I agree strongly and think that I have never been so happy for a long time. When I was told about you, I did think you were nice, but did think you wouldn't help. You exuded beyond my expectations. You are one of the kindest ladies I've ever met and wish to see you again. Thank you very much, Josie. From Sadie


Rebecca Brown's review of The Sanctuary.

My ☆☆☆☆☆ review :


I have visited Josie several times and have been blown away by how someone like me who is still in the fairly early stages of my spiritual journey has experienced such amazing things. Especially connecting with my wonderful spirit guide. I would highly recommend to anyone a visit at the sanctuary, in fact I need to book again soon.

My Personal Review of SKPI - Mandy Reynolds - Brooker

My experience started 5 months ago in my home where we moved to at the end July 2014. It was perfect, exactly what we were looking for. 

We started decorating and sorting schools out for our boys, everything just seem to fall into place, everything was great with no worries or problems.

A couple of weeks later I had that awful feeling again that someone was watching me, I felt uneasy but carried on and put it out of my mind. I did mention it to my husband who said it was most likely tiredness due to all the hard work we had been doing, so I carried on.

I had some time off work and decided to just relax and spend time pottering around the house. The boys had gone to school / college and hubby was at work. I sat in the front room listening to music. All of a sudden my dog started barking at the front room door. As I got up, I heard footsteps going up the stairs, but couldn't see anything. Looking around the house and upstairs I saw nothing untoward, however I did feel uneasy in my bedroom, but still could not see anything.

A few weeks later I was sitting in my kitchen and my oldest son called me upstairs, he looked scared and said he'd seen a black shadow above him. I looked but couldn't see anything, but as I walked out of the bedroom I felt a pain on my arm. I looked and there were scratches. They only lasted a few seconds, but decided to reassured my son everything was ok. We both noticed how, over a few weeks how the house especially the hall, stairs and landing had become dense and dark.

One particular evening I felt very uneasy and didn't feel safe but couldn't understand why. I decided a hot bath and early night would help. The boys and my husband were asleep and as I lay there looking up, I saw only what I can explain was a dark creature looking at me. I froze in fear, then observed it gliding across the ceiling into the hallway. The following day my son and his girlfriend said they had been woken through being scratched but the scratches had quickly disappeared. I listened and reassured them it was ok.

Little did I realise it would get much worse over the coming months, we never knew what would happen next. We all lived in fear, so I decided to try and contact someone who may be able to help. That was when I contacted John, Josie and Jackie from Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators.

Firstly they believed us which was such a huge relief. We went to meet John and Josie at their home and discussed what had been happening and how we felt. They agreed to come to our home to see what they could feel.

John, Josie and Jackie came to our home and quickly sensed that there were several negative energies in our home, some of which some were related to the land and some had attached themselves to the property by other means.

They worked through our home, connecting with the spirits and energies and removed the negativity, the entity and others.

The problem that we had was never anything that we had created, it was already here and we had unfortunately became the targets. if it wasn't for SKPI listening and understanding I don't know where we'd be today. They helped us enormously, they gave us our lives back.

I and my family couldn't put into words how very grateful we are.

Thank you John, Josie and Jackie for all your help and especially all the support you have given to myself and my family throughout and continuing after the cleansing of our home.  - Mandy & Family -

Carol & Terry's Review

Terry and Carol Austin

Terry and Carol Austin came to see us from their home in Wales in October 2013. We had not met this lovely couple before their visit.

Josie went to meet them at the hotel and was drawn to Terry's lower left hand side and immediately laid her hands there. Josie had no prior knowledge of the discomfort Terry was suffering with.

Terry was surprised as he felt a sharp pain then extreme heat from Josie. He had suffered this pain all the way from Wales to Norfolk. He stood upright as the paid disappeared.

For the duration of their stay in Norfolk and for many weeks after, Terry's pain did not return.

Sue's Review

Sue Best

I have S.L.E Lupus, so suffer a lot with pain and depression. I asked Josie for her help as I was having a horrid painful day.

Josie let me know step by step in what to do as my pain was so awful I just couldn't relax.

Josie was straight on to it, within 5 minutes I couldn't be more relaxed, I must have gone into a deep sleep, as when I woke there was no Pain!

I was amazed, I could move all day pain free! Josie helps me out on a regular basis, I don't know what I would do without her.

Josie is amazing! This morning I again asked for help, Josie sent some relaxing healing music to me and I feel wonderful.

If ever you need healing, please go for it, It works for me and feels like pure heaven and pain free! Thank you for listening to my story.

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