The Sanctuary (Norfolk)                                    "Where Peace of Mind Can Be Yours"

Spiritual Healing in Norfolk

Josie & John are Spiritual Healers who work exclusively with their Spirit Guides to bring you comfort in the privacy of their sanctuary.


We offer a wide range of services that include:


Spiritual Healing - Egyptian Healing 

Chakra Cleansing & Realignment 

Bereavement Counselling (Family, Friend & Pet)

PTSD Counselling

                                    Life Counselling

Spiritual Development Classes

Spiritual Training

How to meet and connect with your Spirit Guide

Guided Meditation

Sound Therapy

<img src="Sanctuary1.jpg" alt="Norfolk Healing Sanctuary"> Inside The Sanctuary
<img src="Sanctuary3.jpg" alt="Spiritual Healing Center in Norfolk"> Inside The Sanctuary
<img src="Sanctuary4.jpg" alt="Spiritual Development Norfolk"> Inside The Sanctuary
<img src="Sanctuary 5" alt="Spiritual Healing and Development Norfolk UK"> Inside The Sanctuary

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We No Longer Take calls Regarding Paranormal Activity


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What's new?

SANCTUARY CRAFTS launch a range of gifts


BLOG Page launched May 2019


YouTube Feedback Added


Coming Soon - Psychic Card Readings


2019 starts with some fantastic locations and equally incredible results.


Josie interviewed by "The Times" newspaper.


"PORTAL - X" SKPI have introduced a new device. Designed and built by John using top quality equipment, our new Portal is  a great addition to our range of Spirit Communication Equipment.


SKPI visit Menorca again in 2018


One of our Clips is to Feature on a Forthcoming Production in the USA.


SKPI Launch a Range of Merchandise & Gifts


SKPI Featured on BBC Three


SKPI Team UP With Menorcan Paranormal Investigators To Investigate Interesting & Historic Locations in Spain.


Award Winners in the Paranormal Awards USA 2014 and 2016


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