The Sanctuary 

"Where Peace of Mind can be Yours"


Spiritual Healers & Counsellors Norfolk

Josie & John are Spiritual Healers & Counsellors who Work Exclusively With Their Spirit Guides to Bring you Comfort in the Privacy of Their Sanctuary.


They Offer a Wide Range of Services Which Include:


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Protection

Egyptian Healing 

Chakra Cleansing & Realignment 

Bereavement Counselling (Family, Friend & Pet)

Spiritual Training

How to Meet and Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Guided Meditation

Life Counselling

PTSD Counselling

Psychic Card Readings



<img src="Sanctuary1.jpg" alt="Norfolk Healing Sanctuary"> Inside The Sanctuary
<img src="Sanctuary3.jpg" alt="Spiritual Healing Center in Norfolk"> Inside The Sanctuary
<img src="Sanctuary4.jpg" alt="Spiritual Development Norfolk"> Inside The Sanctuary
<img src="Sanctuary 5" alt="Spiritual Healing and Development Norfolk UK"> Inside The Sanctuary

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